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When the Lions Came to Tea
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When the Lions Came to Tea When the Lions Came to Tea When the Lions Came to Tea

When the Lions Came to Tea


ISBN:              9780864616494
Author(s):      Niamh Sharkey
Binding:         Paperback
Publisher:      Koala Books

Condition:      Very Good (minor signs of wear on corners)

Said Jumpin' Jack, the kangaroo 'Next week our Joey's three - We'll have a birthday party, And ask his friends to tea.' Joey is very excited at the thought of a big, happy birthday party and the whole Jack family are thrown into a flurry of preparations. There are to be cakes and presents and games and almost everyone is to be invited. But Mr Jack draws the line at asking the Lions. They might eat his guests instead! By some dreadful mistake one invitation goes missing and ends up right next to the Lions' lair! And when the uninvited guests arrive, all dressed up in their best, Joey's party takes on a very unexpected turn.

This is a wonderful bouncy sort of book full of humour, fun and brand new friends.

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