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More! More! More! More!



"More!" cries Billy "That's enough!" says Billy's mother. But Billy doesn't think he's had enough at all! Billy wants more of everything. When his mother tells him he's had enough, he stomps off up to his room shouting that he's had enough of her. The lion behind the curtain offers to take Billy to a place where there is more of everything and soon they are flying off to a land of whirligigs and spindle tops, where sweets grow in fields and the trees are lollipops, and little boys can make as much noise as they want. Billy is eventually worn out by all the fun and commotion, but he's not sure he can sleep without his own bed, and he might just need a goodnight cuddle from his mum too!

    Condition:    Good (well used condition)

    ISBN:             9780006646723
    Author:         Emma Chichester Clark
    Format:         Paperback
    Publisher:     Collins

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