FREE Stuff! Terms & Conditions

We receive many items which we are cannot sell for various reasons and we would rather see the resources be reused rather than disposed of.

Some or all of the following may be applicable to the items in this section:

  • Ex-School Copy
  • Older Copy / Edition
  • Has some damage (tears, water damage, discolouration etc.)
  • Photocopied Resources
  • Sample / Free Copies of Publications

Any names or identifying marks will be covered.  Repairs where possible will be made. 

1 FREE Resource for every $60 Value of Order (excludes postage/delivery)

Each item will have at least 1 photo and a very brief description, faults may not be described in item description.


  1. To qualify for any FREE resources, your order must be valued at $60.00 or more.
  2. One (1) FREE resource can be added to your order for each $60.00 value e.g.
  • 1 Free - $  60.00 - $119.00
  • 2 Free - $120.00 - $179.00


  • If a free resource(s) is selected and the order does not qualify, the free resource will automatically be removed from the order.  Customer will be notified when item(s) is restocked by email.
  • If more than the qualifying number of free resources are selected the first resource will be included with order and the remaining items will automatically be returned to stock.  Customer will be notified when item(s) are returned to stock by email.