Rodda’s Rowan of Rin series is a gentle and exciting introduction to traditional fantasy for 7+.

Rodda has deliberately kept the fictional world of the story small. The names are uncomplicated variations of common names. No Cthulhu or Azaghâl here, which is truly a blessing for parents reading aloud to their children. There are only a few fantasy type creatures, all of which are easy to imagine and not intended to be terrifying. The small village of Rin is mercifully bereft of Dementors. And the story itself is a simple, established adventure story – reluctant child hero climbs a mountain, defeats the dragon (by gently removing a bone stuck in its tooth) and saves the day.

The Rowan of Rin series consists of five books, each with a different story but subtly connected. They are perfect for any child who is eager to read Harry Potter but isn’t quite ready yet.

Rowan of Rin

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